How it works!

Suttna will assist you in the management of you remote teams by automating tasks using asyncronous communication. To start with we need to understand how we can communicate with suttna and ask him to perform different actions.
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Private conversations (1v1 convs)

When having private conversations with Suttna you can write messages directly to him in order to start an action.

You don't need to mention @suttna.

Channel conversations

When having channel conversations (conversations inside a public or private channel in Slack or a channel in Microsoft Teams) you will need to mention @suttna to start the action.

On Microsoft Teams you will also need to use the Reply button and mention @suttna when replying to a message.

Important: Not all actions are available in private and channel conversations.

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Checkins and Actions

Checkins are one of @suttna's core concepts. They represent a collection of questions, scheduled in time (or not) that will be asked to every team member.

Lets see what actions are available at the moment.

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This action will allow you to configure a checkin in a channel conversation.

Once we are in a channel conversation we only need to ask @suttna to configure the channel using @suttna configure.

(Don't forget to mention @suttna)

Configure sample

Slack users, don't forget to invite @suttna to the channel first (/invite @suttna)

Important: Checkins can be configured in channel conversations, it's not possible to configure a checkin for a private conversation.

@suttna can be cutomized in different ways. At the moment the following configurations are available:


You can customize the questions that are going to be asked in the checkin.

By default suttna will do three common questions that are done in standup meetings.

  • What did you do yesterday?
  • What will you do today?
  • Are there any impediments in your way?


@suttna can be scheduled on a daily basis in periods of time that end on :00 or :30.


  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 13:30
  • Monday and Friday at 01:00


Since checkins can be happening with people in different timezones, the timezone can be easily configured by providing the city.

Important: By default checkins will run in UTC.


Checkins have a limited amount of time (timebox) to wait for the responses from the team members, by default this time is 2 hours.

Timebox can be configured between 1 and 24 hours.


Here you can configure who is going to participate in your checkin.

Important: Removed users will receive the summary email, to change it, they need to use the profile command and turn off the notification.


If you don't want your checkins to be autmatically scheduled by @suttna you can manually start a checkin by using the @suttna checkin action.

Important: You can only run one checkin per channel at the same time.


If you have any questions or problems while using @suttna, please use the @suttna support action to communicate with the team.


Show a text message with helpful information about the different actions.